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Quick Fitness Quiz:

  1. What is the best exercise/physical activity?

End of quiz.  See?  I told you it would be quick.  So anyway, what did you say?  Tough, right?  So many possibilities to choose from.  Well here’s the answer:

It’s whatever you like to do.  Whatever will get you active.

Not exactly what you were thinking, huh?  That wise question/answer combo comes from my college advisor.  And I totally have to agree with him.  Honestly – whatever activity gets you up and moving is the best.  I think that is some of the best exercise motivation right there – do what you love.  Seriously mine always changes.  Last Thursday before/during/after the Turkey Trot the best activity for me was running.  I got a 23:15 for the 5k so I was psyched (remember I’m not exactly fast – that’s my current running goal: speed up!).  On Sunday I was exhausted and not motivated to do anything crazy so the best exercise for me was a hike with the family:

Not too happy about crossing the mud

Even though I wasn’t totally feeling it in the beginning (and the mud/water path didn’t help) once I got into I loved it!

Jack makes it totally worth it!

Bodhi on the look out. He's our big, bad watchdog, didn't you know?!?!?!

Honestly there are very few times I’ve started a workout and it hasn’t been worth it.  Sometimes you just have to start moving and you already feel so much better!

And of course being with this awesome guy helps too!

And what activity wouldn’t be great without a little excitement????  During our hike we had a few strangers try to crash our party:

Who can spot the deer??? Answer at the bottom of the post!!!

There were actually 3 deer that ran close to us but we only captured 1 in the photo.  The dogs both tried to chase after the deer.  Ummm yeah Bodhi – you MIGHT be able to capture one.  (Seriously my question for him is what he would do with a deer if he was able to catch one.  Really.)  Actually he might have tried to answer that question.  Towards the end of the hike I noticed a stick was “stuck” to Bodhi.  After picking him up to free it I noticed how it was “stuck” to him.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Stick

We seriously have no clue how that got there.  No clue.

So if you’re ever in an exercise rut or have absolutely no motivation just ask yourself:  What’s the best activity for you right then and there?  Figure out what you love and what you feel like doing that day.  And do it.  Whatever motivates you.  Just get moving (even if you promise yourself to get out for just one minute).  Once you’re moving around you’ll likely feel better and more motivated to continue!

Any other motivation tips?  I’d love to hear others!

Oh and the deer is on the left side of the picture in the middle.  It might help to click on the pic to enlarge it 🙂