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As a future health and PE teacher I was appalled when I heard last month that Congress was trying to pass a bill that counts pizza and french fries as vegetables in school lunches (Read an article here).  WHAT??!?!?!  Seriously it amazes me what people will do in order to please certain lobbyists/companies.

And yes, everyone loves their french fries.  Mike and I try to eat healthy but place some awesome fries in front of us and we’ll have to sample them 😉  So we love finding new ways to make “french fries” at home and healthify them.  Remember parsnip fries?  Def good!  Now say hello to Turnip Fries!!

How cute is that Valentine?!?!?! I couldn't resist!

Turnip fries are made the exact same way as parnsip fries (or really any other fries).  Wash off your turnips:

So fresh and so clean

Cut off both ends and chop into small french fry-sized pieces.  Place in a large bowl, add a tablespoon or two of olive oil and spices (I used sea salt and chili powder) and mix.  Place on a foil-lined sheet and bake at 400° for about 20 minutes or until crispy.  I usually flip them about halfway through cooking.

The final product

And enjoy!!!!  (Def a little bit healthier than any fast food version!)