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On Sunday Mike and I, along with our friend Criss, went to a running workshop.  This workshop was held at a local CrossFit box.  The trainer, Jeremiah, also has his CrossFit Endurance certification (basically a running certification).

The premise of the workshop was teaching us the techniques of Pose or Chi running.  Def pretty cool.  The whole point of running this way is for fast, efficient, effortless running.  It’s easier on the joints and the overall impact is way less than what it is when people run “normally”.  Intriguing, right?  I’ve read about pose or chi running for years but never really looked into it.  I knew the basis was fore foot striking as opposed to heel striking, but I knew there was more to it (it really focuses on high leg turnover).  I highly recommend looking up your local CrossFit box and seeing if they do anything with CF Endurance.

Did I mention a certain someone is a Pose runner?????

During the workshop we were video taped so Jeremiah could show us our normal running stance.  Then he taught us the basics to Pose running.  We ran a few drills and practiced this new way to run.  Then he video taped us again.  We were able to watch it and see the improvement: def cool!  We all need to practice more so it becomes comfortable and second nature to us but overall I loved it!  If you run at all – which you probably should be doing some sort of running every now and then 🙂 – definitely check out Pose running.  It will make you a fast, efficient, injury-free runner!!!