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Guess who did two pull ups all on their own tonight?!?!?!??!


Can you tell I’m psyched?!?!?! First time I’ve been able to do a pull up without any help (jumping, bands, etc) since I was in middle school!!!  Yay!! I’ve been strength training diligently over the past few months and it paid off! Granted I’ve been getting lifting PRs throughout those past few months but this was a big goal I had for myself. 🙂

In addition to my pull ups Mike and I completed a WOD tonight. We first did some accessory work: I worked on my back squats and push press. And yes, the two pics below are NOT me doing either of those things but I only had pics of me deadlifting (from the other week) so this is what ya get!


The WOD:

  • As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
  • 9 Pull Ups
  • 12 Push Press
  • 50 m Farmer’s Walk

I completed 7 rounds plus 4 pull ups. I used the red band for my pull ups, 53lbs for my push press, and 35 pound dumbbells for the Farmer’s Walk. A Farmer’s Walk is when you carry a dumbbell in each hand and walk (arms should be fully extended straight down, nothing fancy here). Here is a Farmer’s Walk: (and yes, my weights and face looked EXACTLY like this)

Or maybe not. Gosh – when you’re able to do 2 pull ups by yourself you think you can lift anything!  🙂 My hands and forearms are on FIRE already. So it was a good workout 🙂