If you are not already watching you totally need to be tuning into the 2012 CrossFit Games this year!

They are happening this weekend so make sure you catch them! The Games actually started on Wednesday of this week (a first for the CF Games!) with a couple competitions. Then, the athletes had a rest day on Thursday and the rest of the workouts are happening this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Sunday the World’s Fittest Man and Woman will be crowned!

Mike and I have been watching the Games for years and it’s amazing how they’ve grown just over a period of five years (they started in 2007).

The games are being streamed live online. You can find them here (CrossFit Games Live Stream) or on ESPN3 (an online-only “channel”). The schedule for the games can be found here (Schedule).

Some of our favorites to look out for:

Annie Thorisdottir:

aka Iceland Annie. She’s CrossFit’s darling – she’s always smiling, and loving every WOD she does. It’s great. You seriously can’t help but smile along with her. She was the Champion in 2011 and landed in 2nd place in 2010. Can she get up on the podium again this year?

Kristan Clever:

Kristan is an amazing athlete to watch. She goes all out and rarely shows any weakness. We’ve watched a few interviews with her as well and she seems like such a sweet, genuine person. She was the Champ in 2010 and the runner up in 2011.

Annie Sakamoto:

Annie Sakamoto, which by the way is a totally fun name to say :), is a powerhouse. This lady is 36 years old, 5 feet tall and weighs in at 120 lbs. And she is ripped. And she is always smiling and has such an upbeat personality (can you see a recurring theme here folks?!?!?). Oh and if you’re a CrossFitter you’ve probably seen this video already but if you’re not – Annie is “famous” for her Pull-ups While Pregnant Video. Check it out below, definitely crazy and inspiring:

So there you have it. Those are just three of our favorite CrossFit ladies. They all seem super nice, humble, and extremely dedicated. Of course there are a lot more athletes to be on the lookout for: Julie Foucher, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Christy Phillips (who we saw workout 2 years ago down by BWI), and a ton more ladies. And of course there are so many guys to make note of too: Rich Froning Jr., Graham Holmberg, Dan Bailey, Chris Spealler, and so on. (Sadly Mikko Salo, one of my personal faves is out of this year’s Games due to knee surgery – boo). So watch the Games this year and no doubt you will be inspired!