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Just a few weeks ago we got our meat order in. This is what a freezer should look like:

Grass Fed BeefStocked full of fresh, local, grass-fed beef. YUM!!!!!!

So every few months Mike and I order a 1/4 of a cow from an awesome, local farm. On the farm’s facebook page they state:

Here at *** Farm we are committed to bringing you the highest quality, naturally raised beef. We began our adventure excited about the health benefits of grass-fed beef and the environmental benefits of rotational grazing. In doing so, our cattle graze year round on pastures that are never treated with herbicides or pesticides. Also, our cattle never receive artificial steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics.

I think grass-fed, local, natural beef has soooooo many benefits. It has a ton of health benefits to the consumer (awesome article here), environmental benefits, local economy benefits, and of course animal welfare benefits. And the cool thing? If you are able to go to a local farm and split a cow with a few families the price is actually cheaper overall than it would be by going to the grocery store! Awesome-sauce!


So if you’re interested in getting local, grass-fed beef the best website to check out is Eat Wild. I recommend browsing through their website because it is very informative. However one of the best resources they have on their site is the second link on the left-hand side: Shop for local grassfed meat, eggs, and dairy. Here is where you can click on your state and get a list of suppliers!

So in addition to all the benefits I seriously think it’s just awesome to tell people you buy a quarter of a cow. They either think you’re crazy or they have a ton of questions for you 🙂 So go and spread the grass-fed love my friends!