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Mike and I do a variety of workouts/exercises in order to be physically active. For example, we love doing Olympic lifting and weightlifting:

Me doing some heavy lifting.

Me doing some heavy lifting in real life

Just kidding, that’s not really weightlifting…here ya go:

Here's a better picture of legit weight lifting!

Here’s a better picture of more legit weightlifting!

CrossFit/SealFit-inspired WODs (Workout of the Day):

Cranking out a WOD in our old garage gym in PA.

Cranking out a WOD outside our old garage gym in PA.


Biking to the beach to do a little morning yoga

Biking to the beach to do a little morning yoga

And really anything else that we enjoy doing:

Me shreddin' it up!

Me shreddin’ it up! (Note the bunny hill I’m on haha)

One issue we have is that certain workouts require us to remove our wedding/engagement rings. I always take mine off whenever I weight lift or do WODs. If I left it on I know it would be banged up pretty quickly from constantly rubbing on the bar.


Mike being all artistic with the camera

Also, now that we moved to the beach we always take our rings off whenever we go in the water so we don’t lose them. While we do this to keep our rings in the best shape I don’t always like to go without them. But guess what? There’s an answer to this problem – Qalo Rings!

From their website Qalo.com:

…we searched for a solution that would allow us to show our commitment of marriage, and wear a comfortable wedding band that could withstand our active lifestyle. We started playing around with some rubber wedding rings, and then discovered 100% medical grade silicone wedding rings and thus: QALO was born.

They have an assortment of rings to choose from for both males and females. They are also cheap enough (we’re talking around $15-$20/ring) that if you lose it you can afford to replace it easily. Mike got a black one and a slate gray one while I got the white ring:


They have a great return policy – if it doesn’t fit you can return it and they pay for the return shipping. Also if you want to return a ring you ordered but get the same size just in a different color they will fully refund the price of the ring once they receive it. Pretty cool.

I love the idea that once I take off my real wedding and engagement rings I can still show my love and devotion to my husband without worrying about losing or damaging my rings! Check out the cute little kettlebell on the ring – it’s really faint but a cute touch!


I spy a kettlebell…

So now you can wear a ring while you weightlift, run the crazy muddy competition runs (Warrior Dash, Zombie Runs, etc), swim, or just about any other time. It’s comfy and it doesn’t interfere with what you’re doing. Awesome!