Today I cannot stop munching! I seriously want to just eat nonstop. I have delicious homemade gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that have been calling my name all day. I had to limit myself to just a few throughout the day – trust me I could have devoured a lot more! (Oh and don’t worry – I’ll share the recipe on here in the near future!)

So what is one of my favorite things to rely on when I just want to snack constantly?

Flavored Seltzer Water!

I know this might sound lame but this really helps me! Sometimes when I crave things that are on the sweeter side I have seltzer water and the bubbly consistency really helps to squelch those cravings! We have a Soda Stream and only use it to make seltzer water. It’s awesome!


The cool thing is when it’s empty we can take it to Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond (we always make sure to use one of their awesome coupons!) and get a refill for just $15! If we don’t have time to run out for a refill we do buy seltzer from the grocery store. Just be careful if you do this – if you buy tonic or club soda they have other ingredients (like high fructose corn syrup) so beware! Just make sure you buy seltzer which has only one ingredient – carbonated water. Simple!


Freshly made bubbles!

I usually end up putting some natural flavoring in my seltzer. These are some of my favorites: frozen mango, frozen peaches, frozen strawberries, mint leaves, and lemon, lime, and orange slices.


The fruit and mint give it just enough sweetness and the seltzer water helps to tame my snacking cravings (especially when I know I shouldn’t be hungry – like when I eat lunch and am munchy five minutes later!).


And usually after I have a glass of my flavored seltzer I’m satisfied and no longer have out-of-control cravings!

What do you do when you just want to snack all day? Share your tips in the comment section (found at the top of this post)!