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Good morning on this beautiful Monday! This past weekend was pretty chill but flew by at the same time. Saturday morning (after we slept in of course!) was spent on the local high school track. We completed the following running workout:

Track Workout 72715Because we slept in til 8:30 and got to the track closer to 9-9:30 it was getting pretty humid by the time we completed this bad boy. Humidity = Kathleen not being able to breathe the best while running. Boooo. But overall it wasn’t too horrible. I’m not a fast person by any means so I just focused on the lap I was running as opposed to looking ahead and thinking how many more laps I had to do for the entire workout. Baby steps always help me! And on a side note – the term “baby steps” always reminds me of the movie What About Bob? Too Funny…


And I digress. Back to Saturday – after showering and making some awesome protein smoothies Mike and I headed off to our next adventure…

costco-wholesale-logoMike and I are now proud card-carrying members of Costco! About a week or two ago we heard about a $100 foam surfboard that Costco sells and were immediately interested. Ever since moving here to North Carolina we’ve been interested in learning to surf (I’ve never tried before) and perfecting our stand up paddle boarding (we’ve both done it a number of times and loved it!). Unfortunately both of those hobbies can be expensive and we weren’t looking to spend a ton of money on a surfboard. So when we heard about the deal at Costco we figured it was worth checking out.

In addition to a ton of organic food our Wavestorm surfboard was our first Costco purchase:


Saturday afternoon was spent at the beach trying out our new purchase. And boy was it exhausting and frustrating hahaha The ocean was really choppy and rough so learning to surf for the first time was nearly impossible! We both spent a lot of energy and concentration just trying to stay on the board and paddle out over the crazy waves coming in. I definitely fell off a few times, never actually stood on a wave, and got tossed around a lot – but had fun! And at least we took some really awesome pics so at least we look like pros:

IMG_3018IMG_3026The rest of Saturday evening was spent making dinner at home, walking Bodhi, making delicious Paleo chocolate chip cookies and watching a movie. Definitely a productive, adventure-filled day!


Have you ever tried surfing before? Any good beginner’s tips?