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Flashback to this past Tuesday:

During the past few weeks Mike and I have been trying to wake up a little earlier than normal so we can squeeze in a quick workout before we head off to work. One of my favorite quotes:

Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise (Ben Franklin)

Since Mike leaves the apartment early in the morning we try to get up about an hour or so before he has to leave. And it takes him like 20 minutes to get ready as opposed to me – I would need a little bit longer if it was me leaving 🙂 It’s great because we’re able to get in a really good workout in 30 minutes or less!

We try to alternate a running day with a strength day. This past Tuesday was a strength day and Mike put together an awesome workout for us (I’ll explain the moves below):

July 21 2015 Full Body Workout

The cool thing about this workout was that we were able to do it all in our apartment using only our bodyweight and a pair of dumbbells each (he used 30 pound dumbbells and I used 15 pound dumbbells). Since we’re still in the process of selling our house back in PA we don’t have any of our workout/gym equipment down here except a few small items. We know we can still stay in shape without joining a gym and using minimal equipment. Sometimes just using your own bodyweight is an amazing workout!

Exercise Descriptions

10-1 Reps: Start by completing 10 V-Ups and then 10 Superman Rocks. Then complete 9 V-Ups and 9 Superman Rocks. Then do 8 and 8; 7 and 7…all the way to 1 V-Up and 1 Superman Rock. Complete the same sequence for Burpees and Standing Dumbbell Rows.

V-Ups: These work your abs so make sure to keep them nice and contracted throughout this exercise.

Superman Rocks: These are great back strengtheners. (And you can pretend you’re Superman at the same time!) Click here for a video tutorial.

Burpees: Burpees pretty much work every muscle in your body. Make sure you go all the way down to the ground and you finish by jumping and clapping overhead!

Dumbbell Standing Rows: I used 15 lb dumbbells – you want it to be challenging but it would be ideal to be able to get all 10 reps in without taking a rest.

Bulgarian Split Squats: Your legs will burn after you do these! These are a quick and easy way to tone your legs. (We used our bed as a bench since we were in our apartment and not in a gym).

Leg Levers: Press your back to the floor and really contract your abs when you do these. Again, these are a great ab exercise.

After completing this workout Mike and I were a little sore for a few days! It helps to stretch, foam roll, walk, etc afterwards to help minimize the soreness.

Happy working out!