Last Sunday after a short visit (see PA Wedding Weekend) we made the 7 hour trek from PA back down to NC. Our car was completely packed with just enough room for Mike, Bodhi, and me! Because we are in the process of selling our house we currently have half of our stuff still in storage in PA. While we were up in PA we grabbed a few items from storage to bring back down with us to NC.

Bodhi is a great little travel companion. He loves to stand/lay on the passenger’s lap but he frequently heads to the backseat and lays down on the floor for long stretches of time. Well on this most recent car trip he was unable to lay down on the back floor due to all the luggage and personal items we were bringing back down with us. So I decided to document his 7 hour journey with a few images depicting his various traveling positions. I hope you enjoy!


May I present to you limp, playing lifeless dog Bodhi


Someone really wanted to snuggle on the side of my seat


Watch out! Bodhi’s on the move!


Gotta try snuggling on the other side now!


And for some reason he had his head under my seat for a while…


Ok, back on top now.


He was loving laying in the sun! Such a beach/sun doggie!