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Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already August 18th! Wowza! Where does the time go???

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Oh right, time flies when you’re having fun (which also seems to include traveling up to PA almost every few weeks!).

Honestly sometimes I think Mike and I have too many hobbies and/or interests than we have time for. Seriously. On top of work we love to go to the beach, run, strength train, hike, walk Bodhi, do yoga, read, chill. And that’s not even mentioning my love of cooking/baking, Mike’s desire to learn guitar, my desire to learn ukulele, visiting friends and family, etc. And you know? Sometimes we just like to veg out and not do anything at all. So sometimes I feel like certain things (learning the ol’ uke, stretching, yoga) get pushed to the wayside. Mike and I are even certified yoga instructors but we often do not practice it as frequently as we should. However we are great at goofing around with poses when we travel – check it out:


Yoga at Gettysburg National Park (PA)


Yoga at Gettysburg National Park (PA)


Penn State (State College, PA)


Downward dog with our nephews James and Lucas

Being a health and PE teacher I know the importance of cardio and weight lifting but I also know the importance of yoga and stretching. I hate that the latter tends to not happen as frequently as the running and lifting. So I was super happy when I discovered an awesome 30 day yoga challenge – Yoga with Adriene!


Mike and I are currently on Day 11 and love it! It’s free and there’s a video for each day. When you sign up for it you type in your email so you get the videos emailed to you daily along with an inspiration message. The best part? The videos range in length from 10-25 minutes (roughly, remember I’ve only done the first 11 so the future vids could be a little different) and Adriene, the instructor, is really awesome to follow. She gives great tips and variations so any level yogi can do these videos! I especially love completing these in the mornings to kickstart my day. And again, they are short enough that a) I don’t have to wake up crazy early and b) I can still complete my other typical physical activity for the day! Yay!

So I challenge you to start the 30 days. You can go to her YouTube Page (click here) to start the challenge. Maybe also read a little about the importance of stretching, flexibility, and meditating. These areas are often overshadowed by cardio and strength but they too are just as important!

So let me know if you are joining and best of luck! Namaste!