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Just had an amazing morning/early afternoon – hung out with some friends, ate some amazing gluten-free crepes AND it’s Friday! So here are some fun pics to help put you in an awesome mood!











Whoop whoop! So put on your happy face and totally rock today!

30 Day Yoga Challenge


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Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already August 18th! Wowza! Where does the time go???

IMG_3264 IMG_3282

Oh right, time flies when you’re having fun (which also seems to include traveling up to PA almost every few weeks!).

Honestly sometimes I think Mike and I have too many hobbies and/or interests than we have time for. Seriously. On top of work we love to go to the beach, run, strength train, hike, walk Bodhi, do yoga, read, chill. And that’s not even mentioning my love of cooking/baking, Mike’s desire to learn guitar, my desire to learn ukulele, visiting friends and family, etc. And you know? Sometimes we just like to veg out and not do anything at all. So sometimes I feel like certain things (learning the ol’ uke, stretching, yoga) get pushed to the wayside. Mike and I are even certified yoga instructors but we often do not practice it as frequently as we should. However we are great at goofing around with poses when we travel – check it out:


Yoga at Gettysburg National Park (PA)


Yoga at Gettysburg National Park (PA)


Penn State (State College, PA)


Downward dog with our nephews James and Lucas

Being a health and PE teacher I know the importance of cardio and weight lifting but I also know the importance of yoga and stretching. I hate that the latter tends to not happen as frequently as the running and lifting. So I was super happy when I discovered an awesome 30 day yoga challenge – Yoga with Adriene!


Mike and I are currently on Day 11 and love it! It’s free and there’s a video for each day. When you sign up for it you type in your email so you get the videos emailed to you daily along with an inspiration message. The best part? The videos range in length from 10-25 minutes (roughly, remember I’ve only done the first 11 so the future vids could be a little different) and Adriene, the instructor, is really awesome to follow. She gives great tips and variations so any level yogi can do these videos! I especially love completing these in the mornings to kickstart my day. And again, they are short enough that a) I don’t have to wake up crazy early and b) I can still complete my other typical physical activity for the day! Yay!

So I challenge you to start the 30 days. You can go to her YouTube Page (click here) to start the challenge. Maybe also read a little about the importance of stretching, flexibility, and meditating. These areas are often overshadowed by cardio and strength but they too are just as important!

So let me know if you are joining and best of luck! Namaste!

Bodhi: The Little Traveler



Last Sunday after a short visit (see PA Wedding Weekend) we made the 7 hour trek from PA back down to NC. Our car was completely packed with just enough room for Mike, Bodhi, and me! Because we are in the process of selling our house we currently have half of our stuff still in storage in PA. While we were up in PA we grabbed a few items from storage to bring back down with us to NC.

Bodhi is a great little travel companion. He loves to stand/lay on the passenger’s lap but he frequently heads to the backseat and lays down on the floor for long stretches of time. Well on this most recent car trip he was unable to lay down on the back floor due to all the luggage and personal items we were bringing back down with us. So I decided to document his 7 hour journey with a few images depicting his various traveling positions. I hope you enjoy!


May I present to you limp, playing lifeless dog Bodhi


Someone really wanted to snuggle on the side of my seat


Watch out! Bodhi’s on the move!


Gotta try snuggling on the other side now!


And for some reason he had his head under my seat for a while…


Ok, back on top now.


He was loving laying in the sun! Such a beach/sun doggie!

PA Wedding Weekend


Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to the weekend for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s the weekend!
  2. My younger sister, Adrienne, is coming to visit!


So in preparation for this upcoming weekend here’s a quick recap of last weekend:

Mike and I headed up North to good ol’ PA Friday night. We got to my parent’s house about midnight which was the best time we ever arrived there when traveling at night. We have to wait until Mike finishes work in the afternoon and then we can start the 7 hour drive north. We didn’t hit any traffic and the overall drive went really smoothly (trust me – I95 is not always awesome to drive on!) so we were happy!

On Saturday we hung out with my parents, had an amazing breakfast (gotta love Mom’s cooking!), got some more of our stuff out of storage, and went to a WEDDING!!!! Yippee!!! I love weddings!

Our good friends Emily and Andrew tied the knot on a gorgeous PA evening on a golf course. The view was stunning and Emily looked amazing in her dress.

IMG_3135Mike and I had a great time hanging out with some friends we haven’t seen for a while, eating, and getting our dance on!

IMG_3148 IMG_3218This was the same dress (from White House Black Market) I wore to my wedding rehearsal. I love it and was happy I got to wear it again!

And let me tell you – Mike is such a goofball when it comes to taking pictures. We had to take so many just to get a few “nice” ones! Check out some of the other ones below:

IMG_3216 IMG_3222 IMG_3221 IMG_3220

He makes me laugh and that’s what I love about him!

We ended up leaving PA Sunday morning so we got back to NC in the late afternoon. It was a crazy whirlwind of a trip but totally worth it! At least this coming weekend we can relax and stay local while getting to catch up with my sister. I hope you have an awesome weekend!