Hello!  Welcome to Ocean Full of Lemons!!!  I’m so excited to finally be posting!  I have been reading various blogs for years and Mike, my boyfriend, has been mentioning that I need to start one.  Randomly he would mention that I should have a blog.  Case in point: when I would cook a phenomenal meal (which happens all the time – naturally!) Mike would go, “Now you should be taking pictures of that and post it on a blog.”  So here I am!

Watch out world, here I come!

So I am hoping to share lots of recipes, workouts, and healthy living information with you in all my future posts.  But remember: I am not a certified registered dietician, doctor, or nuclear scientist.  I simply post my views and opinions based off of my experiences and research.  You will find I am never sarcastic and always try to have a good time:

So stick around and hopefully you’ll enjoy what you read!  Thanks 🙂